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Wet n Stick® Technology Products
100% USA Homegrown and Manufactured

Separating itself from its competition Dura-Tape International invented and perfected two innovative patented and patent pending mold resistant water-activated products, along with a simple to use applicator to dispense tape to the wall.

Pioneering this technology, Wet n Stick® Joint Tape, demonstrates using only water as a catalyst for its adhesive, drywall joints can be dry and sealed within an hour without pre-filling joints with compound. These sealed joints possess the strength necessary to hold the bed coat of compound completing in one day what used to be a two day process. Constantly tweaked in manufacturing trials, with contractor feedback and many production runs, the present generation of Wet n Stick® Joint Tape has been perfected to meet or exceed all wallboard tape testing standards.

BLAZEBLOCKER ICE™ FIREWALL TAPE™ takes Wet n Stick® Technology to the next level of simplifying the difficult task of firetaping. No longer is compound necessary to meet code requirements for fire code assemblies. BLAZEBLOCKER ICE™ FIREWALL TAPE™ meets or exceeds all wallboard tape testing standards and is E119 certified with a two hour rating.

** Dura-Tape International’s Wet n Stick® Joint Tape and BLAZEBLOCKER ICE™ FIREWALL TAPE™ meet the rigorous testing criteria set forth to achieve status as acceptable building materials by both New York State and New York City Department of Building along with the International Building Code.