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Blazeblocker Ice

BlazeBlocker ICE fire retardant drywall tapeBLAZEBLOCKER ICE™ FIREWALL TAPE, Two Hour ASTM E 119 Certification

BLAZEBLOCKER ICE FIREWALL TAPE™ – DESIGNED & CERTIFIED for the use of firewall assembly systems, without joint compound where the joints of adjacent layers are offset to one another.

In commercial drywall installation, 20-30% of each job requires Type X fire rated wallboard taped in accordance with fire rated joint assembly guidelines. Taping is the final step in this assembly phase, beginning after the other trades (HVAC, plumbing, electrical) have completed their installation.

The area being taped to code is more often than not above the ceiling grid. In multi-story or high rise buildings; the span between stories is measured from the space above one unit’s ceiling to the next unit’s floor is usually a minimum of eight feet in height, though smaller in the space above the corridors. Within this span, entrance and exit openings are created to accommodate utilities comprising of conduit for electrical wiring, duct work for climate control, plumbing pipes and insulation between the joists to service the units.

Although overall a significantly smaller area in square footage, taping these fire code areas usually take twice as long as the visible public areas of taping. This is because the current process consists of setting up and transporting cumbersome materials, including tools, to a staging area location to mix compound prior to conveying all apparatus to logistically challenged areas above the ceiling grid. Other trades (HVAC, electrical and plumbing) must complete their work before the final joint sealing process can begin. The present chaotic taping installation ensues which casts a sloppy appearance on the other trade work is time consuming and costly.

The main challenge of this taping task is maneuverability with tools and materials. The importance of the job notwithstanding, the taping chore is complete as an unfinished wall joint. Traditionally this taping falls on the crews’ newest hires or apprentices, a breaking into the trade ritual. Once the firewall taping is complete, municipality requirements call for building officials to perform a code compliance inspection accepting or rejecting the work.