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Spark Perf

spark perforated joint taping tools for drywallDURA-TAPE™ SPARK PERFORATED PAPER TAPE – Quality spark perforated gypsum joint ribbon

  • Premium cross-fiber paper is processed in a multi-step operation, producing quality joint tape, which creates blended joints that are sturdy as dry wall
  • Spark Perforation allows for even drying, aids against blistering, and promotes fast drying. The 100% spark perforation coverage, is not detectable to the touch, keeping the joint ribbon smooth for even application
  • Buff “suede” surface intensifies the compound gripping for superior bond; this pre-buffed tape minimizes the excess “lint factor” that clogs application tools
  • Exceptional wet strength- resists stretching, wrinkling, and delivers a crack resistant performance, eliminates stretching
  • Positive creased center fold serves as an accurate guide for corner application
  • The uniform width, tight wound roll offers straightforward application of corners and flat joints
  • All tape is manufactured to label length specification

High tensile strength resists tearing and distortion. This tape is designed to use with all quality joint compounds to connect drywall sections and reinforce corners prior to a broad range of wall treatments. Position and apply Gypsum Panels in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Joint preparation; follow printed instructions on the joint compound container for use of compound.Designed to work with Bazooka & Banjo-style taping machines; automatic taping systems and for hand taping.

Specifications: all 2 1/16" in width

DTSP75 75’ / 22.8m 20 rolls for occasional small drywall job, patchwork
DTSP250 250’/ 76.2m 20 rolls popular for hand- application joint treatment
DTSP500 500’/152.4m 10 rolls easy fit into taping machines; less roll changes