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Wet n Stick

water-activated drywall tapeAN AMERICAN ORIGINAL Wet n Stick® WATER-ACTIVATED TAPE Mold™ Adhesive Compound

Wet n Stick® joins gypsum panels faster, stronger and with less waste than mesh or plain paper!

Wet n Stick®

  • A joint sealant that does not need to be embedded into plaster compound!
  • Wall-board grade paper cured with an anti-mold adhesive compound coating.
  • Activated by clean water, the No-Mold™ proprietary bonding agent merges into the gypsum board face paper fibers uniting wall-board panels while drying.

Once activated, the Wet n Stick® No-Mold™ adhesive compound emulsifies, allowing easy adjustment during application; perfectly aligning the tape’s center crease within the joint span. With full tape contact to the wall-board the bonding is assured as the compound adhesive soaks the tape into the panel guaranteeing a perfect joint seal. Drying rapidly, The Wet n Stick® method of taping provides an airtight bond power that will not de-laminate…..ever!

Wet n Stick® in wall & ceiling joint assembly:

  • Saves precious man-hours
  • Eliminates plaster compound materials Necessary Tools to
  • Mix compound
  • Embed & wipe evenly paper or mesh tape
  • Eliminates blistering & cracking repair costs
  • Allows time & expertise in finishing process
  • Creates narrow float area for bed-coat transition

Wet n Stick® is the joint sealant tape recognized by the IBC (International Building Code) described in section 2506 and the building departments of New York City and State as an acceptable building material meeting ASTM C474 & ASTM C475 qualifications.

Wet n Stick® joint tape is the easiest to use, quickest to apply and the strongest bond for joining wall-board panels or repair. Don’t be fooled by imitations. Just Add Water for a swift, strong joint seal.

Wet n Stick® saves time, labor, energy and a clean working environment.